Studio Reussir
B. M. Husband III
Original art, Commissions, & Prints available.
Welcome to Sudio Re'ussir, the online portfolio and website of visual artist, Buford M. Husband III.  Through out this site you will be able to view selected images of his current and past works, read about the artist's background, and as well have the opportunity to directly purchase original works and prints, So, please continue, and by all means enjoy your visit.  All questions and comments are warmly welcome:, or just leave your thoughts in the Studio Re'ussir guest book.

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Though B. M. Husband III creates a variety of  different types of work, this site does contain photographs of original drawings and painting that include naked women and men, some of which are of a sexual and erotic nature.  It is not the intention of the artist to offend anyone, and if by chance, anyone viewing this site believes that they might be offended by such images is advised that they do not continue, but leave this website immediatly.  Anyone who is looking for pornography is at the wrong address and should also leave, immediatly. 

By going any further into this website, you acknowledge and agree to the disclaimer written above, and are stating that you are 18 years of age or of the legal age according to the region where you live.


Moral & Copyright Notice

All art work and related images on this web site are protected under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, the Federal Visual Rights Act of 1991, and other International Artist Moral & Copyright Laws.  By entering into this web site you agree to respect these rights and the art work protected under them.